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Mission Statement

To create a holistic hockey program that, for a selected group of individuals, fast track their development.  Not only will this make them more skilled and highly conditioned hockey players but more importantly, they will become well rounded athletes, superior leaders and first and foremost - UPSTANDING CITIZENS.  

National Hockey Leadership Program

* Personal Hockey Tech Mentor
* Setting of personal goals and objectives in conjunction with Leader/Mentor with periodic    revisions
* Weekly private and or semi-private hockey lessons (20 preferably on Saturday)
* Career counseling
* Sports Psychology Seminar
* Nutrition Counseling Seminar
* Video Analysis
* Shooting Range Lessons (3 half hour sessions and Sundays only)
* Game Scouting Analysis (2 games)
* Monitoring Academic Performance
* Personalized Fitness Training Program incorporating self-defence, plyometrics, agility, strength training and stretching (20 sessions with Pro-Fit Personal Training - including fitness testing)
* Hockey Tech Skills Competition Participation
* Special Hockey Tech jersey, ball cap & Kewl sweat suit
* Big Brother Game participation (versus Hockey Tech  Instructors)
* Ontario Hockey League outing with mentor and Parent (s) 

National Hockey Leadership Program will commence mid-November 2001 and will end April 12th, 2002.  Saturday private lessons will no longer be available after March 13, 2002.

  The premise of our program is that if you become proficient in one area of your life (in this case hockey) you can translate some of the acquired skills into other disciplines and be successful there as well.

If chosen what you are about to embark on will at times be very challenging and will require a very perseverant and committed individual.  

*** Please note that only a select few of elite hockey players per birth year will be selected.

For further information please contact Jerome Dupont COO, Hockey Tech International at 416-635-5100 ext.31 or


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