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Eastman's Genealogy Newsletter

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 5:34 pm    Post subject: Eastman's Genealogy Newsletter
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

In both the free and paid ("Plus") versions, becoming more full of technology than genealogy. If you use mostly laptops on airplanes and supplement that with iPhones and myriad of other gadgets, this may interest you more than the vast majority of us.

But even the less-than 50% genealogy part is very USA-centric and of limited use to the vast majority of us worldwide who are on-line doing genealogy from home.

Mr Eastman has the responses to his rebuttal below already in correspondence - correspondence which I have cut off because he is clearly not interested in anyone's opinions or suggestions but his own, and is defensive almost to the point of pugilism to comments. Personally, I will not be renewing my subscription, free or paid. You may make your own decisions.

From his own pen, here are ten of his more recent articles (at 24 Jan 2010), along with my comments regarding relevance to how important they are to the average genealogist researcher - at home with an older computer doing it part-time on the long haul. As a travelling man with all the latest gadgets, so far he is unable to see this point of view.

1. Turn Web Pages Into PDFs

So? (On Windoze at least) we can already click on File > Save As... and save the entire web page, graphics and all, in one of two formats. This is just more unnecesary software to clog up our limited hard drives that Windows is bloating up towards capacity.

2. Still Another Update: Internet Explorer Fix Expected

Ya, but I guess that would come under the heading of "Windows Update". Most people already have that turned on, and MS actually does that for us automatically when we shut down - so we don't need to know about it from a genealogy newsletter.

3. Releases iPhone Family Tree

Again, the vast majority of us do not have iPhones. But, being bleeding edge users, those who do have iPhones will already know about it - especially if they are already members of Ancestry. Unnecessary for a genealogy newsletter.

4. (+) How Good is a $99 Computer?

Who cares? We are here for genealogy, not computer bargains. And next month they will be $79. We'll find a review in a reputable computer magazine if/when we're interested.

5. A Disk Drive in the Cloud

Hey, what happened to a disk drive on a floppy? Because that's where most of us keep our family tree. And to trust our data to a "pie in the sky" that is subject to having an internet connection and disappearing without notice... not at all likely. We compute from home, and when we are elsewhere we will either take a copy of our floppy with us to use one someone else's computer - and/or leave it at home and just enjoy ourselves, like we intended when we started this vacation trip.

6. Email at 37,000 Feet

Why? Do most of us even have laptops? Do most of us even know what Wifi is? Do most of us travel on an aircraft more than once every couple of years? For most of us is genealogy and connectivity REALLY that important that we have to be clicking away at every possible opportunity?

Sorry, not interested.

7. (+) Using a SmartPen

Go ahead, be my guest. I'll just take a couple of good, clear snaps with my digital camera and OCR them with my printer/scanner when I get home (or get nephew Johnny to do it for us). Good luck with that, by the way... we'll see you when you're done "Smarting" next week some time.

8. Nexus One Cell Phone/Handheld Computer Now Available

Same thing. I don't need to be (rudely) on-line in-touch all the time ignoring the people I'm already with to be talking to somebody I'm not with. I'll leave that to the entitled idiot kiddies who don't know any better - and probably never will.

9. New Genealogy Gems Podcast iPhone / iTouch


iGive Up.

iNot interested.

(With my older eyes) iCan't Read It Anyway.

And when I want genealogy news I'll read it in that other genealogy newsletter... Eastman's is still full of computer stuff.

10. Get Rid of the Windows Bloat

Come on, now... can we get PLEASE rid of the Eastman's Bloat instead?
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