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WARNING: (now MyLife) is a SCAM...

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 5:46 pm    Post subject: WARNING: (now MyLife) is a SCAM...
WARNING: (now MyLife) is a SCAM...


At this point it is 3 days after I made a confirmed payment of US$60 through PayPal to for a year in the Premium Account. So far I still have no access to the resources, and my log-in still shows me as a FREE user.

I placed two questions (neither covered by the FAQ) with through their support feature, and so far they responded to just one of them with a non-answer and declared the issue closed.

I have initiated a dispute with PayPal, and I am placing this here as a warning to others. I suggest you do not get involved financially with because they may not deliver what they promise.

Their payment structure through PayPal is also a recurring one, so beware - next year on the anniversatry they will simply deduct another $60 from your account on the assumption that you know it is recurring (but that payment status is not obvious on signing up).

And the only place to change that recurring payment to on-time payment is in your account at If they don't show you as a paid-up member then you can't change that status.

I have also "broadcast" messages to every department email I can think of at This usually initiates some action at higher levels, but in 24 hours there has been nothing to indicate that anyone cares.

Avoid like the plague. They will take your money and leave you fuming at a useless web site.




After several cycles of protesting to and receiving - on EVERY occasion - a refutation of my claims and that the "issue is now closed", I went to PayPal and initiated a Dispute against my payment.

PayPal investigated the issue and refunded my money out of reunion'com's account. I think that says it all.

Further, you may be interested to know that if you Google and words such as scam, ripoff and others you will find literally THOUSANDS of such injustices being imposed on unsuspecting users who have lost their money.

And has now changed their name to MyLife, so they have already started a new round of attacks on the public.

My recommendation? Have NOTHING to do with these thieves.

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